Governance and Policies
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The PCD Foundation’s Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring proper management of finances, operations and grantmaking programs to advance its mission and goals. The board sets the strategic direction and oversees its governance as set forth in a set of documents, charters and policies. As a charity, the board believes that the PCDF is accountable to our donors, volunteers, PCD patients and caregivers, and to the general public. Accordingly, we provide information in this section about the PCDF’s governance structure and the policies that govern its operations and program activities.

Board of Directors: Code of Ethics and Guiding Principles

Code of Ethics

Every member of the Board of Directors of the PCDF has an obligation to abide by the legal, ethical and moral standards set forth below:

  • Represent the interests of all those served by the PCDF.
  • Remain focused on the mission of the organization.
  • Maintain the strictest confidence of the PCDF information and proprietary documents.
  • Approach all Board issues objectively and constructively.
  • Treat each other with respect, fairness and consideration, foster a spirit of cooperation and support, and demonstrate respect for the professional judgment of colleagues.
  • Support in a positive manner all actions taken by the Board of Directors even when in a minority position on such actions.
  • Maintain the trust of those who elected or appointed you to the Board and of those served by The PCD Foundation.
  • Exercise authority as a Board member only when attending a meeting with the full Board or when otherwise delegated to do so by the Board.

Guiding Principles

The PCDF is committed to operating and delivering its programs in a manner that reflects the following guiding principles:

  • Our actions will display the highest standard of integrity, candor and common decency.
  • Interactions with our stakeholders (patients, caregivers, public, healthcare community) will at all times be handled with respect and will honor individual dignity. 
  • Our decisions will be based on merit with full recognition of our responsibility to the PCD Community as highlighted in our Mission Statement.
  • Feedback from our stakeholders is encouraged and welcome.
  • We will evaluate, on an ongoing basis, our adherence to these principles

Board of Directors: Responsibilities and Support Requirements

The PCDF Board is committed to the following responsibilities and support requirements:

  • Thoroughly prepare for, attend, and thoughtfully participate in one face-to-face annual Board meeting and several meetings by teleconference.
  • Serve on a minimum of one standing committee and respond to requests for assistance as needed.
  • Contribute to the fundraising efforts of The PCD Foundation.
  • Help to build an effective Board of Directors by identifying people who can bring expertise to the Board and make significant contributions.
  • Work together with other board members to achieve the goals of The PCD Foundation by:
    • Staying informed about the work and progress of PCD;
    • Setting policies which establish the groundwork for the Foundation;
    • Developing and implementing strategic plans;
    • Ensuring that funds are used in the most effective way possible;
    • Adopting and supporting a responsible annual budget;
    • Working in concert with the PCDF staff and/or volunteers
  • Represent the Board of Directors in a positive manner at all times, bringing grievances and concerns openly to the Board for resolution.
  • Act in a manner that is consistent with the responsibilities to members and contributors, avoiding even the appearance of any conflicts of interest that might cause embarrassment and/or legal liability for the PCDF.
  • Disclose any possible conflicts to the Board of Directors in a timely manner.
  • Place the best interests of the PCDF first and foremost and support all Board decisions and policies upon adoption.
  • Continually evaluate the performance of the Board and make recommendations that will help to implement improvements.
  • Abide by the PCDF’s Code of Ethics and Guiding Principles.
  • Provide support and leadership to the Executive Committee that will assist them in their responsibilities.
  • Represent the PCDF as a leader in your geographic location (i.e. assist with public relations work in your area, be available to the membership of the PCDF and the press, attend and/or help organize PCDF functions in your region).
  • Make contact with your local volunteer network, regional, state, and area coordinators. Support volunteers with local fundraising events, support groups, socials, etc.