FUNdraising: A Family Affair
Written by Pam LaFaille (Guest Blogger)    Friday, 14 October 2011 07:35    PDF Print E-mail

I have been brainstorming ideas for fundraising opportunities since my sister-in-law and two nieces arrived home from PCD Family Day.  While the need seems so great the opportunities to raise money can seem few and far between. I committed to myself to not thinking big, but thinking of many small ways to raise the money.

Fundraiser 1:
My mother purchased powdered lemonade and made cookies for my two nieces to sell.  They charged .75 cents per cup and offered a free cookie.  My family is very fortunate to own our own business.  The children sat in front to the store and sold to customers and employees.  Through our stores Facebook page and our personal Facebook pages we advertised this event.  My mother was also able to contact two radio stations who advertised the event.  They made almost $200 that one day.

Fundraiser 2:
I had been swapping books on paperbackswap.com and realized that I had many books that were just not moving quickly enough. I decided to have a book sale to sell these books as I had almost 200. I spread the word to a few family and friends that I needed books and the next thing I know people I never met started to send me books. Though people were giving, I was getting nervous about whether or not they would buy!

To boost the amount made at the sale I also did a raffle of a picture that Kylie had created. I requested that every Facebook friend send me $1 and they could be entered into the raffle. I also collected money from a few family members and people who work at our store. One customer hearing of my attempts generously donated $20 and actually won the drawing! This drawing brought in roughly $50.

Additionally, we cashed in cans and bottles for roughly $15. This led to the big book sale. My cousin hearing about the book sale decided that we should sell baked goods as well. Many family members and friends so kindly donated the goodies. Due to the hurricane coming I started out two days earlier than the advertised sale as again I was concerned about the success of the sale. In two days and only a couple of hours each day I was able to raise $500.  The day of the sale came and I had many people who volunteered to help set up, who donated additional books, and who donated more baked goods.

During the sale, we handed out information about PCD, described the disorder, and showed a picture of Kylie doing her vest treatment. It was a hit!  For anyone who volunteered that day my mother had invited to share in a pizza lunch. Without the many volunteers of all ages that day, this would not have been a success.  As the day came to and end and the extra books were stored, we decided to do another one. Already, more books have come in including those purchased during our sale.

It is important to note, that I contacted many newspapers, radio stations, and a television station to advertise for free since it was for a non-profit organization.

Fundraiser 3:
Teaming up with a woman who sells 31 Gifts, we will be having a girl’s night out (or technically in) at my mother’s house. A certain percentage of the sales for the night will be going to the PCD Foundation. The only thing we have to do is invite the people and provide snacks. Easy and fun!

Future Fundraising Ideas:

I will be teaming up with 99 Restaurant and a certain amount of money from each meal that is purchased from someone bringing in a flier that I give them. Other ideas I’ve considered organizing on a small scale:

  • Bowl-a-thon
  • Penny Drive
  • Yard Sale
  • Selling PCD bracelets
  • Bake Sales
  • Future lemonade stand

What does PCD mean to me?

It means my beautiful 8 year old niece has to do two vest treatments a day instead of running around with her siblings.  It means that my family is scared every time Kylie has a cough as we hope it doesn’t lead to something worse.  It means that other children may be misdiagnosed and in need of a different type of medical treatment.  That is where the PCD Foundation comes in.  We are able to access the most current information that helps us understand Kylie’s disorder and what we can do to help. 

I currently have a busy schedule and don’t have a ton of time to do extravagant fundraisers but I truly feel blessed that what I have planned has been well received.  I will continue to fight to educate others and to raise money for this worthy cause because my niece is worth it.  I can’t imagine my life with out my two nieces and nephews who are truly a blessing.  I will do anything for them and this is an easy way to give.