The PCD Foundation Today
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So why are we a "foundation," a name that implies a money dispensing organization? Two reasons:

  1. The name PCD Organization was already taken, and
  2. One of our major goals is to raise funds to finance PCD research. Without research, we don’t have a clear understanding of the disease, which means no treatments – and no cure. We’ve got to have research to improve the quality of lives of our patients and to wipe this disease out altogether one day!

There are three primary genetic lung diseases; CF, alpha-1, and PCD. CF and alpha-1 are both well-organized and well-funded. The research sponsored by these organizations has helped countless people with any number of disorders. PCD is unique in that it is an impairment of a basic component of a system that is present in every human being, the pulmonary host defense system. Treatments derived from research done in PCD can potentially benefit not only PCD patients and their families, but the millions of people affected by other respiratory diseases and ciliopathies, as well. Top pulmonary experts already appreciate the importance of this research. Our job is to spread the word, find the funds, and not allow PCD to get lost in the world of "orphan" diseases.